Custom Experiences from Bath

We know the hidden gems, the best places for coffee and where to eat. Most importantly, we know the fascinating stories and the places away from the crowds.

There is plenty to see and do along the way. We can let you into the most fascinating, intimate places or experience some of the more unique experiences Bath and the surrounding area has to offer.

Give us an idea of what you find interesting and exciting and we’ll use our extensive knowledge of the local area to create the perfect experience for you.


Our Custom Services

Personalised services crafted around you, your interests and your priorities.
Personalised Day Tours

Every custom tour we create is an utterly compelling, unique experience, built around the needs & interests of our guests, whilst employing our passion, knowledge for our local region & our personal appoach to make it truly special.

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Multi-Day Tours

Discover England on a tour that stretches beyond just a day.

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Our Transfer-Tours are a transformational approach to getting to and from Bath. Combining an 'A to B' transfer with an in-depth touring experience between Bath and London, Windsor, Heathrow, Oxford, Southampton, Stratford- upon-Avon, the Cotswolds, Cardiff and other locations.

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Chauffeur Transfers

Get to and from Bath in style.
London, Heathrow, Windsor, Gatwick, Reading, Oxford, Chippingnorton, Stratford-upon-Avon, Cheltenham, Cardiff, Bristol, Portland Docks, Salisbury and Southampton.

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It's all about you!

Our success stems from our desire to get to know and understand you. We chat to you via video-link and thereafter, every decision we make is focussed on you and ensuring your time with us truly extraordinary.

Our Passion & Expertise

We blend our knowledge of you with our passion and local expertise to build a truly personalised itinerary, combining your 'must-sees' with delightful surprises that will exceed your every expectation.

An Exceptional Experience

You'll explore England with a guide who is warm, knowledgeable and engaging - Someone inquisitive, with depth and whose priority is your well-being, adapting your experience around you to ensure your day is truly special.

Example Itineraries

1Exploring the Cotswolds
Having made our acquaintances in Bath, we head along country roads to explore the Cotswolds. Stopping for coffee in one of England’s most significant towns, yet now almost totally forgotten, stopping for coffee in an 800 year old hostelry where your guide will share tales of the town’s former glories before you explore its ancient abbey and historic streets.

After free time to explore, we visit an extraordinary English garden to enjoy the roses, water features and wild flowers at leisure, before heading deep into the undisturbed Cotswolds for lunch at a traditional, thatched country pub.

We begin to head back to Bath, stopping for a brief sojourn to walk through fields, alongside a winding brook, passing cattle, sheep and meadows along the way, stopping for afternoon refreshments in a stunning beauty spot before heading back into Bath for late afternoon.
2Families with Children
Having met in Bath at your hotel, we leave the city for Stonehenge, aiming to get there early to beat the crowds visiting from London. Your knowledgeable guide will take you to the stone-circle and share with you what we think we know of Stonehenge and the extraordinary landscape around it, using images and props to bring it alive.

Following our visit to Stonehenge, we head deep into the English countryside, away from the main roads and tourists to discover extraordinary landscapes, breath-taking vistas and the England that many imagine but few experience. We stop for lunch at a historic country inn serving exquisite food and drink before exploring a ruined medieval castle allowing the children to run free and imagine what life 800 years ago might have been like. We return to Bath in the afternoon, following relaxed refreshments in a beautiful rural location that consisted of conversation and an opportunity to reflect on the day’s experiences.
3Transforming a Tedious Transfer
We greet you at your hotel for a relaxed journey through quintessential England to stop at some of the most extraordinary locations along the historic ‘Great West Way’, or King’s Road that was the ancient route between London and Bristol, stopping to explore some extraordinary places along the way. We begin with a visit to Lacock, England’s best preserved medieval village and location for filming including Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice and Downton Abbey. We explore the historic Abbey and gardens and medieval streets, before heading back in time 4500 years to discover Europe’s most impressive and enigmatic prehistoric sites at Avebury. Your fabulous guide will take you on a journey back in time to unveil life 5000 years ago as you enter prehistoric tombs and admire mysterious stone monoliths.

Following lunch at a fabulous country inn, we’ll drive through breath-taking English countryside, past thatched cottages, rolling hills and historic settlements, spending the afternoon exploring Britain’s best preserved Roman city, abandoned in the 400s. We’ll finish the day dropping you at the agreed drop off point: the train station for those wanting a quick, comfortable journey into central London, or the meeting point with one of our partner chaffeurs for those wanting the convenience and luxury of a door to door service into the centre of the capital.
4Private Walking Tour of Bath
Having met you at your hotel, our time together in Bath will be a leisurely, immersive experience designed to share with you the key locations and historical context of the city, as well as taking you off the beaten track to share with you the hidden gems and discoveries that will appeal to you. The pace is relaxed and focussed on your needs, and we’ll share anecdotes, insights, and destinations that we know will appeal to you based on what we’ve learned about you prior. We’ll include stops for refreshments and visits at interesting local spots. Having provided you with the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the city, we’ll say goodbye once you’re comfortable in the centre of Bath, so that you have time to explore the city more fully at your own pace and in your own way.

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