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Welcome to In & Beyond Bath

We are passionate about sharing our beloved England with you in a truly personal, meaningful & insightful way.

Our unique approach shares the very best & breath of England.
Embark on an intimate journey of discovery that combines 'must-sees' with untouched, authentic England.
Uncover the breathtaking views, hidden gems & drives, remarkable stories, places, people & cuisine that few encounter.
Enjoy an unhurried, personal & immersive adventure filled with context & insight, deep in the England you've always dreamt about.


How is In & Beyond Bath Unique?

In & Beyond Bath began its journey in August 2016 when Jules Mittra, an avid traveler himself, decided to leave teaching History and Politics to create a company that would allow visitors to see the England he knows and loves, but most travelers miss.
  • Encounter the 'must-sees' & unseen, authentic England
  • A Personalised & intimate journey for 2-8 guests.
  • Led by a passionate, engaging local guide.
  • We focus on your experience & enjoyment over rigid, samey routines.
  • All costs included (entrances, food & drink, pick-up & luxury travel).
  • Every 'tour' is lovingly crafted to offer an extraordinary experience.
  • We focus on context & meaning sharing fascinating stories, insights & places.
  • A unique approach that leaves you with unforgettable memories.

Our Experiences

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