Why us?

What we do is much more than a tour. What we do is unique.

We create personalised, immersive journeys for world-curious, discerning travellers looking to connect with the past and discover authentic England.

Each of our inclusive tours are carefully researched, planned and designed to allow you to go beyond the ordinary and connect with the history, stories, experiences, places and people that make our country so special.

We get you off the beaten track, away from the well-worn tourist experience, to drive through ancient woods, across stunning landscapes, and deep into the countryside. We deliberately don't tell you everything about where we go, what we'll do and what you'll see - it's part of the magic!

We take care of you from the moment we collect you from your door to the point we drop you back again. Relax, enjoy, engage and immerse yourself in the experience. As our guest, we’ll share with you the best of our cuisine, artisans, pubs, hidden gems and elusive delights we locals treasure but few outsiders discover.

Our Guides & Our Ethos

Our guides are different too. We are a people-first company that puts the values of integrity, honesty, kindness and the desire to serve at the heart of everything we do. We choose our guides not only on their experience and credentials but on the basis of their characters. They are warm, intelligent, compassionate and communicative people. They are critical thinkers, curious about the world, able to talk intelligently about a multitude of topics, and are as passionate as we are about sharing what we love about our part of the world with you. Seeing your delight makes our day too! 

Our Story

In & Beyond Bath began its journey in August 2016 when Jules Mittra, an avid traveler himself, decided to leave teaching History and Politics to create a company that would allow visitors to see the England he knows and loves, but most travelers miss. We are passionate about our mission to offer visitors to Bath more and we are continuously looking for different ways to thrill and excite our guests.

Join us for a journey of discovery into authentic England...