Our Commitment to Responsible Travel

Our Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to environmental sustainability. This means we do all we can to protect and preserve our environment and acknowledge the harm human activity is doing to our planet. Therefore, we endeavour to promote sustainable practices wherever possible.

Our vehicles are carbon neutral. We choose highly efficient vehicles and are a proud member of Forest Carbon – the only UK government endorsed voluntary carbon credit scheme in the UK. For every tonne of carbon our vehicles emit, our payments into the scheme go towards an extensive tree planting programme that captures over and above the carbon emitted.

We use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for example, our business cards are recycled cotton, and where possible, source our business supplies locally and with environmental considerations at the forefront of our minds.

Our Commitment to our Local Communities

As locals passionate about our region, we are committed to sharing its most beautiful intriguing and secrets and its gems on a sustainable basis. We delight in helping our guests connect with our culture, environments and history, but we want to ensure the impact of tourism on these is managed, sustainable and maximises the positive impacts and eliminates the negatives as much as possible. Therefore, one reason we do not share the exact places our tours visit is to protect local communities, lifestyles and environments from the dangers of mass tourism.

We also work closely with local businesses, communities and individuals. Our mission is to enhance the places we visit through the economic value we can add and contribute to the sustainability of the local community and preservation, for example, we make annual donations to the Churches and the heritage organisations we use.