Stonehenge Tours – Luxury Stonehenge Tours With Us

Stonehenge Tours

Do you want to arrange a few unforgettable tours of some of the most incredible places in the UK during your visit? At Around & About Bath we would always recommend booking one of our Stonehenge tours. This is one of the most famous places to visit in the UK and you will not be disappointed if you choose to schedule this into your trip. 
There are lots of tour providers offering Stonehenge tours and we can assure you that when you choose our team at Around & About Bath, as your tour guides you will be taken on an amazing journey. Our goal in everything we do is to give our guests an experience that is way beyond what they could have imagined. Our tours don’t just happen, we design and research every tour in incredible depth and detail. Every small part of your tour with us from the places we visit, to the stories we tell, to the routes between each location, to the lunch stops and refreshments will be planned and prepared so that we have the tools to deliver a meaningful and qualitative experience.
When choosing Around & About Bath, you will encounter Stonehenge on a truly unique, unhurried, intimate in-depth half-day tour. We will collect you from the Bath Visitor Information Centre and take you in a luxury vehicle to Stonehenge where you can unearth the secrets of the stones with a local expert. We will help you to see both how it looks now as well as how it was then with our exclusive Virtual Reality technology. Our Stonehenge tours will always be a unique and immersive experience that we are sure you will never forget. 

Looking for a Luxury Stonehenge Tour?

We are incredibly proud of what we do and the consistently outstanding feedback we receive. Every member of our team is passionate about our Stonehenge tours and this is the reason we have the reputation we do. We invite you to view what others have to say about our Stonehenge tours, and also the other tours that we provide, on our website. Around & About Bath is frequently recommended by past guests and also visitor information centres, so we can assure you that when you choose us for your tours we will always live up to our reputation. 
To find out more about our Stonehenge tours or any of the other tours that we can provide visit our website. You will be able to find out vague itineraries of our tours along with how long they last. We don’t like to give away too many details as we want our guests to be surprised so if you require more information or if you have any special requirements then please speak to a member of our team. You can do so by calling +448000747949 and we will gladly provide you with the additional details that you require.