Bath Walking Tour – Talk to Us Today

Are you looking for a company that provides authentic Bath walking tours? Look no further, at Around & About Bath we are able to deliver outstanding experiences that exceed expectations due to our unique approach to tours. From the first contact to last, our aim is to provide a personalised, warm and responsive service for our customers. When attending our tours we can assure you that you will be treated as people, not numbers. 
During our Bath walking tour, we aim to get you off the beaten track and away from the well-worn tourist experiences. We will take you through ancient woods, across stunning landscapes and deep into the countryside showing you everything the beautiful city of Bath has to offer. You won’t be able to find out everything about where we go, what we will be doing and what you will get to see on our website, we like to keep some aspects of our Bath walking tours a surprise. 
Our team are passionate about our Bath walking tours and want to take you on a journey. Our Bath walking tours are as much about story-telling, interaction, engagement and experience as they are sight-seeing. Our unique guiding style for our Bath walking tours is relaxed, conversational and responsive to both our guests’ needs and interests. We enjoy showing our guests hidden gems, local artisans and craftspeople, food and drink, letting them enjoy all of the things that we get to regularly. Our aim is to immerse our guests in our local culture and our delivery always alters according to the guests we have in front of us.

Bath Walking Tour Tips

We advise our guests that they should come prepared for our Bath walking tour by wearing comfortable footwear and clothing. As you know, the English weather can be very unpredictable so we also advise that you bring an umbrella or waterproof jacket with you, even if it rains our Bath walking tour will go ahead so we don’t want you to be unprepared.   
If you have any questions at all about our Bath walking tour then please don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to advise you further, we can inform you of things such as the amount of distance we cover, how accessible the places are that we will be visiting and also the types of terrain that we cover. We want our Bath walking tours to be enjoyable and accessible for everyone, we will tailor them for whoever is in our group that day.