Private Walking Tours of Bath

For those looking to really discover Bath, and gain a more insightful, deeper connection with Bath, its people, its history and its spaces, our expert local guides will take you a personal tour built around you.

We know the hidden gems, the best places for coffee, where to eat, but most importantly the stories and the places away from the crowds that are truly fascinating but that are undiscovered by the crowds. We can let you into the most fascinating, intimate places or experience some of the more unique experiences Bath has to offer.

We build your experience around you. You don't need to tell us exactly what it is that you want to do, we just need an idea of what it is that interests and excites you, and what you'd hope to get from visiting Bath. We'll then use that and use our extensive knowledge of the local area to create the perfect experience for you!

Things to consider

Whether you have a definite plan, or a vague idea of what you'd like to see and do, drop us a line and we'll make it happen.

Experiences are mostly conducted in English, but we also speak German. Contact us for details.

We are Solo Traveller Friendly but Private Bookings require a minimum of two guests...

Email us at:

Or call us on: +44 8000 747949 or +1 800 563 1960