Roman Bath Tours

Have you been looking for some of the most authentic Roman Bath tours? Then look no further than Around & About Bath, our aim is to deliver outstanding experiences that really do exceed expectations due to our incredibly unique approach. Since 2016, we have been recognised as one of the UK’s highest-rated tour guide providers due to our wealth of knowledge about the local areas and impeccable customer service. To learn more about our tours, why not head over to our website? 
Our incredible Roman Bath tours allow you to experience the beauty and tranquillity of the Cotswolds, on a journey that ventures deep into its forgotten places, past and countryside. During our Saxons, Royals & Hidden Cotswolds tour, you can bypass the crowded tourist hot-spots for an intimate, in-depth journey of discovery to encounter stunning countryside, ancient towns and intriguing settlements, churches and stories that tell of a glorious past but have been long forgotten. 

Looking for Roman Bath Tours?

While spending the day with us on our Roman Bath tours, you will be able to journey deep into nature, stopping for a beautiful lunch at a tucked away Cotswolds Inn. You can explore quintessential villages, countryside & architectural gems, left behind by the modern world, before spending the afternoon leisurely roaming around a town famed for antiques, a garden or another hidden jewel. You can also venture to the historic city of Wells for a first-hand encounter with England’s medieval past. Unveil the stories of fornicating Bishops and corrupt clergy whilst wandering through its 13th Century Bishop’s Palace, gardens and cathedral before stopping for lunch. 
We are a people-first company that puts the values of integrity, honesty, kindness and the desire to serve at the heart of everything we do. We choose our guides, not only on their experience and credentials but on the basis of their characters. They are all warm, intelligent, compassionate and communicative people, they are critical thinkers, curious about the world and able to talk about a wide range of topics. Our entire team is completely dedicated and extremely passionate about sharing our most loved part of the world with you, seeing you smile is what we live for. 
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