About In & Beyond Bath

What we do is much more than a tour. What we do is unique.

We create personalised, immersive journeys for world-curious, discerning travellers looking to connect with the past and discover authentic England. Each of our inclusive tours are carefully researched, planned and designed to allow you to go beyond the ordinary and connect with the history, stories, experiences, places and people that make our country so special.

We get you off the beaten track, away from the well-worn tourist experience, to drive through ancient woods, across stunning landscapes, and deep into the countryside. We deliberately don't tell you everything about where we go, what we'll do and what you'll see - it's part of the magic!

We take care of you from the moment we collect you from your door to the point we drop you back again. Relax, enjoy, engage and immerse yourself in the experience. As our guests, we’ll share with you the best of our cuisine, artisans, pubs, hidden gems and elusive delights we locals treasure but few outsiders discover.


Our Core Values

(in no particular order)

Integrity, Commitment, Communication, Cooperation, Empowerment, Empathy, Positivity, Kindness and Sustainability.

We are open-minded, inclusive and supportive. We believe in encouraging our team to excel and are committed to providing the opportunities to help our staff thrive, feel empowered and valued.

We reject prejudice of any kind and have a zero-tolerance attitude towards abusive or dishonest behaviours. The success of our business relies on the commitment, integrity and cohesion of our team. We're committed to supporting our staff, hearing their concerns and empowering them to do a great job and enjoy a great work-life balance.

People First

Our team members are at the heart of everything we do.

We employ capable, world-curious, honest team members and explicitly put our 'people first' ethos at the core of the business. Our focus on employing people on the basis of their character and integrity rather than on the basis of qualifications or experience is critical to our mission and creating a sustainable company.

Interactive & Engaging

Our services are as much about story-telling, interaction, engagement and experience as much as 'sight-seeing'.

Our guiding style is conversational, relaxed, warm and responsive to our guests' needs and interests. We include hidden gems, local artisans and craftspeople, food and drink. We immerse our guests in our local culture and our delivery alters according to the guests we have in front of us.

Personalised & Responsive

From first contact to last...

...our aim is to provide a personalised, warm and responsive service that focuses on developing and maintaining the trust and confidence our customers need in order to purchase our services and feel that they are people, not numbers. We hope that our relationship with our customers will last long into the future and approach each new customer relationship with that in mind.

Sustainable & Socially Responsible

We are committed to building a sustainable business.

We seek to be an environmentally conscious business that is committed to minimising our impact on the environment, both locally and more widely. We will regularly review our business model and practices to ensure that we are at the forefront of efforts to create a greener, more sustainable economy and preserve our heritage and countryside.

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Our Commitment to...

the Environment

We are committed to environmental sustainability. This means we do all we can to protect and preserve our environment and acknowledge the harm human activity is doing to our planet. Therefore, we endeavour to promote sustainable practices wherever possible.

Our vehicles are carbon neutral. We choose highly efficient vehicles and are a proud member of Forest Carbon – the only UK government endorsed voluntary carbon credit scheme in the UK. For every tonne of carbon our vehicles emit, our payments into the scheme go towards an extensive tree planting programme that captures over and above the carbon emitted.

We use recycled and natural materials wherever possible, for example, our business cards are recycled cotton, and where possible, source our business supplies locally and with environmental considerations at the forefront of our minds.

Our Commitment to...

our Local Communities

As locals passionate about our region, we are committed to sharing its most beautiful intriguing secrets and its gems on a sustainable basis. We delight in helping our guests connect with our culture, environments and history, but we want to ensure the impact of tourism on these is managed, sustainable and maximises the positive impacts and eliminates the negatives as much as possible. Therefore, one reason we do not share the exact places our tours visit is to protect local communities, lifestyles and environments from the dangers of mass tourism.

We also work closely with local businesses, communities and individuals. Our mission is to enhance the places we visit through the economic value we can add and contribute to the sustainability of the local community and preservation, for example, we make annual donations to the Churches and the heritage organisations we use.


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